Dr. Saleem has 20 years’ experience in analytical chemistry of natural products and environmental contaminants. During his affiliation with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Turku, Finland, he provided analytical consultancy to a pharmaceutical company Juivanta Pharma Ltd. in the development of a screening program for the discovery of lead molecules from several Asian medicinal plants for Parkinson's syndrome. During his work at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Saleem has provided consultancy to several well established North American natural products manufacturing companies including St. Francis Herbs Inc., Clef Des Champs Inc., Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd., Herbon Naturals Inc, Jamieson, Bioniche Life Sciences, and Sevita Inc. He has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers in the natural products chemistry and related disciplines. Dr. Saleem has closely worked with Health Canada, Environment Canada and the CIHR Team in Aboriginal Antidiabetic Medicines at the University of Montreal in the identification of lead medicinal plants for type-2 diabetes.