Phytothera can help in :

  1. Preparing R&D documents to support formulation, regulatory or marketing needs. This service covers both in-depth literature reviews and lay-language scientific summaries as well as the rational design of NHP formulations for a wide range of common indications. (Chronic conditions, musculoskeletal, neurodegenerative, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders).
  2. Gathering relevant scientific and grey literature, including that from less accessible ethno-botanical/traditional medical sources, and build a strong evidence-based case for the marketing or regulatory assessment of any NHP.
  3. Advising on more technical issues related to the phytochemical evaluation, purification, identification of medicinal herbs and recovery of natural compounds.
  4. Assisting in the design of the most cost-effective and scientifically sound research and development strategy for your NHP. This includes the design of optimal experimental proposals for preclinical and clinical R&D in order to obtain appropriate scientific support for proof of principle or health claims.
  5. Providing technical and communication solutions in the areas of pharmacy, health technologies and public health. Our work focuses on evidence generation, knowledge synthesis and decision analysis. We can develop literature-based observational datasets for specific health-related issues, generate rational evidence-based decision(s) that are flexible and provide systematic literature review and meta-analysis services.